What is Royal jelly?

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Royal jelly, also known as royal jelly, royal jelly, royal jelly, and bee milk, is the secretion of the pharynx gland of young worker bees who breed larvae in bee nests, is the food for the larvae who will become the queen bee, and is also the food for the queen bee for life. Royal jelly is a kind of milk secreted by Young adult bees after eating pollen. This milk is like the milk of mammals and has nutritional value and immune function, and contains extremely high longevity factors. Bees and queens are the same in the egg period. After three days of hatching, Royal jelly is eaten and then changed into honey and pollen for adult bees. After hatching, Royal jelly is eaten all the time to become a queen bee.
Bees are social creatures. According to our human system and its counterpart, bees should belong to a slavery society. There is only one queen bee in a nest of bees, and other bees serve it. The queen bee's food is Royal jelly.
The life span of common worker bees is only about five weeks when the flowering period is busy. The life span of wintering bees is longer. The worker bees mainly feed on some pollen and honey, while the life span of the queen bee can reach several years. The food of the queen bee is Royal jelly. The life span of the queen bee is closely related to Royal jelly.

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